Pico – Full Fledged Craft Beer Making Kit Cum Appliance

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Pico by Picobrew is a full-fledged craft beer making kit cum appliance. It is an excellent choice as beer brewing kit for homebrew beer, which many would value especially those who enjoy subtle taste differences with total control over refinements such as carbonation and alcohol content to name a few. Anyone who has previously bought a home brewing kit knows it is much too tedious and requires time and effort and most of all constant attention.

Pico is going to change your entire beer brew experience at home with the help of a beer making kit. Not only it makes the process far easier, but also a range of flavor options from breweries called Pico packs come pre-packed as beer making supplies for one time use are available. In one batch, 1.25 gallons or 5 liters of beer can be prepared and served which is about 13 12-ounce beer bottles. For those who are new and dont know how to brew beer, a complete step by step detailed manual explains the process.

At $799, it is an experience that you buy complete with all the tools, kegs, cleaning equipment and manual to streamline the entire process. Included in the beer making kit are Pico brewing machine, a user manual with step by step guide, 1 Pico pack for a brew, 1 Brewing Keg, 1 Dispensing Keg, 1 Fermentation Adapter for faster brewing if needed, CO2 regulator and adapter for dispensing keg, tools for transferring wort, fermenting, carbonation and serving and a Sous Vide Adapter for healthy cooking.

For someone who has tried their hand at home beer brewing at their garage knows, it is not easy moving from one step to another and lot of effort goes in at every step. What generally takes hours, and cleaning and adding ingredients at every step is now an almost 10-15 minute job and pretty much else happens by itself. The ready made Pico packs cost $20-$30  and come in a variety of flavors along with other brewing supplies. A bunch of breweries have tied up with the manufacturer allowing to brew the same beer at home.

An initial setup of this beer making kit requires having an online Picobrew account, linking your unit to your account and connecting it to Wi-fi. A pico pack with a RFID tag makes the unit identifying it and download the relevant preparation steps. Pretty much everything is automated but one has to still clean everything properly, add yeast to it, leave it fermentation, and finally carbonate it. Obviously, there is a little tweaking that one can do which greatly affects the final taste and experience outcome. Most of the buyers have given it a positive review. You can buy one here.

Pico - Full Fledged Craft Beer Making Kit Cum Appliance
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Pico - Full Fledged Craft Beer Making Kit Cum Appliance
Homebrew your beer with Pico beer making kit, it is easy, save time enjoy different flavors.