Ojo Electric Scooter – Comfort Style Safety Performance

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Ojo electric scooter is the latest addition to the already getting crowded mobility scooters market, nevertheless, it is the most amazing electric scooter for adults. The generously featured product made its debut at the start of 2017 at CES international and has been making waves ever since. It promises to grow as rage on the basis of continuing orders from public following very positive reviews from the existing buyers.

This e-scooter or electric scooter for adults is bike lane friendly and meets the speed norms by having a maximum speed of 20 mph. It’s a commuter scooter whose role largely is to transport a person safely and fast enough within a short distance. The Ojo scooter has a range of 25 miles on a single charge and covers most nearby places you can likely visit.

This is an onboard charging system on this 2-wheel electric scooter, with a retractable power cord that plugs into any standard 100-volt power supply.  The battery is also removable and portable for additional ease and safety.  This allows for charging in between rides.

This electric scooter that can be bought here, is a breeze to use thanks to a patented ergonomic design, done in-house at the company’s headquarters in California. Every part, piece, and corner of the system has been meticulously designed and looked into with detail planning to ensure it gives the rider an unparalleled experience.

Some of the noticeable features of the Ojo e-scooter are a treaded riding deck for feet grip, a removable seat that has a very comfortable design and seating. The scooter also boasts a digital capacitive touchscreen display for components control like Bluetooth, lights, speed mode change, and speaker sound.

While this electric scooter looks like a piece of art, its construction is solid with welded aluminum and automotive grade ABS for sturdiness and durability. The transmission motor is custom developed with 500 w power, supported by full shock absorbers for extreme riding comfort to handle obstacles and pits.

It has an active security system with security key FOB for initiating rides, locating the scooter and activating the security system. The system is similar to the ones found in cars and disables the scooter rides when in lockdown mode. Front and rear LED lighting adds to drivers safety during night time and low visibility conditions.

So far the price at $1999 is very competitive for an electric scooter, that has excellent build quality and great features. The sales are booming and customers are grabbing these like hot cakes, so go and grab one now.

Ojo Electric Scooter - Comfort Style Safety Performance
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Ojo Electric Scooter - Comfort Style Safety Performance
Ojo an amazing electric scooter for short distances, is legal in bike lane. Good design and strong performance make it a must buy.