The Midual Type-I Star Of The Expensive Motorcycles

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The Midual Type-I is a ultra-luxury French machine which is one of the expensive motorcycles of the world by Midual, based in Angers, France. The motorcycle is an epitome of excellent craftsmanship and breathtaking performance bundled into one. From the very first look, one can make out how different this exotic bike might be from the other commoners. The bike is like royalty specifically from the point of looks, craftsmanship and detailing that has gone into every bit of it.

This exotic bike costs $185,000 and unlike other expensive motorcycles, is very much street rideable and enjoyable. The motorcycle is a limited number production and since the cost is high, the customization options are practically unlimited with any choice of paint color, multiple types of hardware finishes and yes leather usage is pretty generous with 45 available choices along with another 20 plus sand casting treatments that can be applied. Thus the customization options easily outnumber of those by any of the expensive motorcycles available today.

The personalization options and feel special emotion has been deftly looked into. The overall bike design is rather unique and elements come together in a much thoughtful way, for instance, the boxer twin engine is longitudinally mounted, fuel in frame technology is used and the chassis has been developed by an aerospace foundry in France.

The 1036 cc engine with a 25°-sloping flat-twin, transversal crankshaft, on a 12:1 compression ratio gives a 106 HP at 8200 rpm and a maximum torque of 93 Nm at 5500 rpm. This is some exciting punch the engine packs for most biking needs and street racing. The electric start with a 6-speed gearbox gives ample room for engine control while revving.

The chassis is an aluminum alloy double-wall monocoque, which also acts as the fuel tank. The front wheel has a brake of 2 4-piston Brembo calipers with floating discs of 320 mm diameter, while the rear brake is a 2 piston Brembo caliper with 245 mm diameter disc.  The bike is backed by a 4-year back to the base maintenance contract with pickups from home on pre-agreed conditions for the bike owners who will have no problems with after sales service.

The intricately designed bike has French passion behind it as the main force and quality and performance are bound to be extraordinary and make it a star among the expensive motorcycles of the world. For more information, visit the company website.

The Midual Type-I Star Of The Expensive Motorcycles
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The Midual Type-I Star Of The Expensive Motorcycles
In the world of expensive motorcycles, French Midual Type-I holds the star status with luxury detailing with leather and metalwork.