Why Micro LED Display Is The Next Disruptive Technology


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Micro LED or µLED is a new flat panel display technology that has an array of very small microscopic LEDs that form a single pixel in the display. In fact, a Micro LED display is a miniaturized version of a large outdoor LED display. Micro LEDs are the future cause they are about 1% the size of conventional LEDs. They offer far greater control to the point of an individual pixel and its characteristics such as brightness etc.

This is not all, Micro LEDs have some other great features that are mind boggling as well. For instance, The are thinner, flatter, have great brightness, higher color saturation levels, even wider viewing angles,  superb efficiency levels and very long life.

The reason it is disruptive is when you compare it to current display technologies, Micro LED display is a class of their own. Remember the move from cassette tapes to CDs. CD are better than cassettes by order of at least dozens of magnitudes. The same move with similar great effects is expected from the commercialization of Micro LEDs. Comparing it to current technologies such as OLED, it offers up to 30 times more brightness with longer lifetimes. Power consumption of Micro LED is 10% of that Of LCD and 50% of that of OLED.

A Micro LED is typically 1/10th the width of a normal human hair, which is why it can be so compactly arranged together to form a display whose pixels cannot be detected by the human eye. At the level of a light source so fine, manufacturing them, arranging them and finally making it into a product in mass production still requires a lot of challenges that need to be fathomed. The major roadblock is producing a cost-efficient display.

Ever since Apple joined the foray in mid-2013 by acquiring Luxvue, and Sony giving a demo in 2014 of a TV, the overall interest has picked up quite a few notches. To see major commercialisation of the Micro LED display technology would in the starting showcase products of small sizes like Apple Watch, VR headsets, which would gradually be scaled to bigger and complex products. Sony already has a commercial product for businesses called Crystal LED Integrated Structure CLEDIS which is several panels of Micro LED that be joined to make huge displays.

The very first products could come in by 2017 end or 2018 and should see a rapid increase in sales as public interest increases. Things would move up from small displays to cell phones and later laptops. tablets and TVs by 2020. An entire wave of commercialization would take time, however. the change is coming and it will rule for sure.

Why Micro LED Display Is The Next Disruptive Technology
Article Name
Why Micro LED Display Is The Next Disruptive Technology
Micro LED is the future of flat panel display technology for a good number of reasons, and big companies are betting big on it, read why.