Cadillac CTS V Supersedan Tears German Japanese Competition

cadillac cts-cadillac cts v-cts v-2016 cadillac cts v-2016 cadillac cts-cadillac cts coupe-2016 cts v-cts cadillac-cadillac cts v coupe-2017 vadillac cts v-2017 cadillac cts-sedan-sedans-supersedan-car-luxury car-cadillacThe Cadillac CTS V is a super sedan designed to tear apart competition from the German and Japanese automobiles. Historically too, Cadillac has always had a sweet spot in the heart of Americans as the maker of luxury cars. Cadillac is synonymous for many first that it has brought to the industry and its vehicles are a source of pleasure for the loyal drivers. Their most powerful car yet in their 114 years of existence, its simply going to blow your breath away.

While most manufacturers are moving towards electric vehicles or hybrids, Cadillac CTS V is out here to prove the engines roar loudly with gusto to a powerful 640hp. With a 6.1L V8 LT4 powertrain supplied by a Chevvy Corvette, this car couldn’t be more raring to go with a slight brush to the pedal. Coupled with the 8 speed electronically controlled gearbox, a Magnetic Ride Control that adjusts the suspension to the road conditions, and the power steering that’s electronically assisted this lightning cracker is basically blowing the competition to dust.

And, if this is not enough the Limited Slip Differential, allowing for greater rear wheel traction and exit speeds during aggressive turns. The Brembo Brakes can bring the car to powering stop with its 6 piston front and 4 piston rear brakes. Add to this 5 driving modes for the track Dry, Wet, Race, Sport1, and Sport2 sure to making driving adrenaline pumping. The specially designed Michelin Super Sport tires for the Cadillac CTS V provide great grip on the road.

The interior flows from the excellence of design and signature style. The 20 way heated and ventilated seats have trimmed leather and signature suede inserts. Also available are 16-way power Recaro race inspired seats to make driving an unmatched pleasure. There’s also Signature carbon fiber trims, a thick steering wheel,  magnesium pedals, 12.3-inch in-dash screen and an ultra useful heads-up display that shows the info you need while driving.

The user experience is one of a kind once you step inside into the world of Cadillac CTS V. User experience has been meticulously looked into with advanced technology. There are features like real-time driving data, immersive sound, and cameras that collectively take your driving to a whole new experience. Apple CarPlay support allows sync with iPhone and access to your phone’s features with Siri or otherwise. Phone integration also offers Android phone compatibility, in case you love to pair up an android phone.

There is a premium 13 speaker Bose music system on the CTS V that’s the granddaddy of entertainment. It’s state of the art Advance Staging Technology give a sound experience like your are seated in the front center row of a live performance. And, with the AutoPilot noise compensation technology, the sound levels of music are automatically fine-tuned to ensure little sound disturbance from outside and the car. Curb view camera for parking assists in seeing what’s behind with special parallel parking assists.

Built for performance, this CTS Cadillac car features two cameras for front and back view. The front view camera captures the straight drive and curves and real-time data overlay to see how you are doing. The performance data recorder records the data overlay on the front camera view that can be watched later or saved on an SD memory card. The rear camera mirror provides a better display of what’s behind so you don’t miss the action and stay ahead of the pack.

Cadillac CTS-V Supersedan Tears German Japanese Competition
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Cadillac CTS-V Supersedan Tears German Japanese Competition
The Cadillac CTS-V is the pinnacle of luxury and performance. It gives likes of Audi, Mercedes, and others a run for their money. Here's how.