Bombardier Challenger 650 Aircraft Is The Best Private Jet

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Bombardier Challenger 650 aircraft is the best mid-size private jet for cross country travel. It has a generous interior that can be suitably adapted to client’s needs. It has one of the widest cabin space in its calls and calls for extreme comfort in travel, while at the same time oozes best-executed design principles to date. It has class, comfort, and control, that is visible in its interiors that cast a style statement with its newly redesigned seats, nice lighted galley, and an advanced cabin management system. The challenger price is around $32.5 million.

The interiors have been spruced up nicely since the previous Challenger 605 private jet, and the lighting is simply mood enhancive. With standard features such as cup holders, stow away tables, business system, internet connection, Bluetooth, reading lights and one of the largest HD monitors in its class the challenger does every bit to please the passengers for a hassle free freshening travel experience.

Whether you want to go cross-country from New York to Los Angeles or go international to London, Bombardier Challenger 650 aircraft is a nice feather in your cap. This business jet can fly 4000 nautical miles or 7400 kilometers in one go with additional reserve fuel for 200 nautical miles. With a max seating of 12 and typical seating of 10, this aircraft is suited as a personal jet or a private jet for medium to big businesses.

With a fuel store of 2395 gallons, fuel cost at $3.59 a nautical mile, this private jet has an efficient cost per seat of 35.9 cents a nautical mile. Now compared to other personal jet aircraft of same class this is quite competitive and leads to good cost savings too. With ergonomically positioned smart screens, the flight data is at immediate disposal for a passenger.

Measuring the most important aspect of a flight is the comfort and this is backed by handcrafted seats which allow to sit, stretch or sleep. The well-designed accent lighting in the Bombardier Challenger 650 also adds to travel comfort. The HD cabin management system allows an easy switch from flight info to entertainment. Add to it, a great sound experience with the best in wall speakers and data connectivity for uninterrupted business flow.

The Challenger 650 got wardrobes and storage drawers, with selectable countertop options and storage arrangements. At disposal in the pantry, is an aircraft certified high temperature and microwave oven, coffee maker, ice drawer, hot liquid container and chilling areas for refreshments. The lavatory has an electrical flush, vanity with sink, a 10-gallon water storage, and a solid counter top.

The flight deck in Bombardier Challenger 650 aircraft has total comfort for pilots and is technically updated with latest flight controls and instruments. It’s got the best weather radar that automatically scans and provides weather inputs for bad weather avoidance. All in all, it’s a business jet or private jet that’s steeped in luxury and technology to ensure every trip is effortless and refreshing and keeps you connected with entertainment at your fingertips all the time in the air. Find more here.


Bombardier Challenger 650 Aircraft Is The Best Private Jet
Article Name
Bombardier Challenger 650 Aircraft Is The Best Private Jet
Bombardier Challenger 650 aircraft is the successor to Challenger 605 and aptly improves on everything thinkable. It is one of the best private jets or business jet available.