Apple File System APFS Is New Faster Secure And Saves Space

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Apple file system is an example of Apple being in a constant evolution and revolution with its products. They are always on an improvement spree both on their products and in the invention of future. Since the 80’s, Apple has evolved from a computer manufacturer to being the most innovative company. Apple is shedding a lot of itself through the years and moving on to newer things.

Apple released the iOS 10.3, and with it shifting to a newer way APFS of storing files on its devices. The method of storing files is called a file system. Apple dumped the old HFS+ system in use from 1998, developed from file system made in 1985. Times has changed, HFS+ was good when floppies and hard disks at their peak. Now Flash memories and digital storage lead the way.

Apple has made this move for a number of reasons, foremost is moving with the times and making sure the performance of its devices matches the current device capabilities. The first thing you might notice on your updated device is more storage space. While it is not a huge difference but still is it noticeable when you have an additional 1.5 or 2Gb of storage in the phone. More pictures or videos or songs or your normal WhatsApp stuff.

Other important features include security design from the ground up. This is possible with all files encryption, which is a first from Apple file system. The file system has three options, no encryption, single encryption for all files and individual encryption for each file. This is truly new and a groundbreaking feature. It also works better with solid state storage media than other file systems in use.

APFS has 64-bit inodes, which allow for 9 quintillion files storage in memory. There is added protection from crashes by writing new records, pointing to new records and then releasing old ones. There is support for file clones, which saves two copies of the same file by saving only the differences on another location to save space. Apple file system also supports ‘snapshots’ which is a read-only copy of the OS for single use.

Designed to scale from an iWatch to Mac, the APFS or Apple file system is comprehensive and forward moving into future. A few limitations like checksum unavailability for user data, an absence of compression, and no Unicode normalisation feels like a few details left out. Nevertheless, it is an important move forward into performance and security.

Apple File System APFS Is New Faster Secure And Saves Space
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Apple File System APFS Is New Faster Secure And Saves Space
With Os 10.3 update, Apple formally moves to a new file system APFS or Apple file system designed for improved security and storage efficiency. It has other benefits too.