3D Printer Plus 3D Scanner Copier – Zeus 3D Printer

zeus 3d printer-3d printer-3d printing-best 3d printer-3d printer price-buy 3d printer-3d printer for sale-3d printing materials-3d scanner-scanner 3d-3d printer scanner-3d printer and scanner-3d printer with scanner-zeus 3d printer-3d scanner printer-3d copierA 3d printer almost instantly fulfills our need to replicate a product or an item or even a prototype for testing and visualization purposes. It is also a viable solution to replace a part or make few parts that join together to form a working, moveable object. Over the past 4-5 years, the 3d printer technology has started maturing and a lot of hype has got converted into genuine usefulness.

After different people began experimenting with 3d printers and the objects that could be made, people realized there are actually millions of objects that can be made. With this came the need to 3d scan an object so that it could be converted into a 3d file which a 3d printer could use for 3d printing. So a 3d scanner was also introduced and it slowly matured into a viable object over time.

3D printing is also called additive manufacturing, where layers of 3d printing material add on to create a final model or object. 3d printable models can be created using CAD or the ones from a 3D scanner. Though injection molding is useful and cost effective for manufacturing polymer models in high quantities, 3d printing is best suited for custom, quick and faster models which are also flexible and strong in small quantities. More complex models are seemingly much cheaper to make from 3d printing than traditional methods.

As more and more 3d printers started arriving on the market, so did slowly the 3d scanners. On the whole, it opened a new horizon of things that could be made on the fly. Still, at this point with a lot of options for 3d printing and 3d scanning, the devices lack one thing, that is common to inkjet printing and laser printing devices. That one thing is All In One 3d Printer 3D Scanner and 3D Copier. This void has recently been filled by AIO robotics Zeus 3D Printer 3D Scanner 3D Copier.

AIO Robotics no wonder calls it the smartest 3d printer, as it can copy an object and print it in 3d in no time with the entire process as easy as a xerox machine. You can even call Zeus 3D Printer as the xerox of 3d printing. It scans instantly and prints the copy, or you can edit it on the display board. Everything happens at the touch of a button. It is the first in the market to combine both the 3d printer and the 3d scanner to create the 3d copier. It prints in multiple colors and multiple materials in a single print on a single object if required be.

The features list of this smart 3d printer is exhaustive, yet one has to begin somewhere. It has a control capacitive LED touch screen, that allows for process control and editing. Download the one model you want from millions of 3d models from the LED control screen itself.  2 plant based 3d printing materials can be used for great finish, strength and be being environment-friendly.

Summing up additional features, this 3d printer scanner is stand alone as well as plug and play being ready to go in 10 minutes. It has got its own onboard model viewer, editor, and slicer. Comes with a 1.7 Ghz quad core processor, 8Gb onboard RAM and a capacitive LED touch screen. Has USB port with wireless internet connectivity. Offers a quick color change during printing and a customer support “report button”. There is an auto update of software to ensure the latest and best performance of the device. The Zeus All In One 3D Printer costs around $2200. You can buy it here.

3D Printer Plus 3D Scanner Copier - Zeus 3D Printer
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3D Printer Plus 3D Scanner Copier - Zeus 3D Printer
First All In One Smart 3D Printer 3D Scanner 3D Copier to hit the market Zeus 3D Printer is a stand-alone device which allows to scan, edit and slice.